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"My biggest take-aways were my message that I am being supported with the things I am doing, my message from my guide, and to find my wings. I have really enjoyed this experience as I have become more at peace in my reactions feeling an ability to feel more love, joy, and compassion. Thank you."

"I was not sure what to expect, but I'm very satisfied with the outcome."

"This has been an incredible experience-more than I could have imagined."

"The big takeaway is asking for help in a clear and directed way….and learning how to receive it. "

-- comments from past participants

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Join a small group of like-minded individuals to share in the experience of raising vibration and aligning with your soul essence...


In this intensive three month experience you will: 

  • Experience six high frequency transmissions on biweekly Zoom calls over a period of three months.
  • Connect with others with similar interests in a safe space for sharing on calls and in a community forum.
  • Be supported with transformational coaching as you shift into higher vibrational states, and possibly even awakening processes.
  • Receive messages from spirit guides who support you on your journey.  These messages are specifically for the people in the group.
  • Ask questions of guides, and recieve your own personalized message.
  • Receive two group channeled healings.
  • Ask all your "woo-woo" questions on two additional Zoom calls that are just for discussion. 
  • Stay connected between sessions with ongoing coaching and sharing in the community forum.
  • Experience living from a higher vibration!


"I was surprised by the change I would feel in myself and the beautiful connection I felt in that group , the best feeling I have felt with a group..."


"I was blown away at how quickly the changes started happening within the first session."


"I was open to receiving new information and allowing the work to occur in me…I actually felt that happening. As a result, I feel like there are some real possibilities for developing my soul purpose. My personal message was extremely accurate and really spoke to me as well. I am looking forward to the integration of all of these experiences."

-- past group participants


Only five spaces still available - join now to save your spot!


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 Here's What's Included...

Six Zoom Sessions

We'll have six 2 hr sessions that blend coaching and channeled meditation. One of these will be an opportunity for you to ask questions of guides, one will be for individual messages to participants from guides, and two will be group channeled healings.

Channeled meditations (spoken message and frequency transmission) are usually one hour in length. No meditation experience is necessary.

All sessions are recorded (audio only) and recordings will be posted so that you can use the meditations again and again!

Community Forum

Where you get to connect with one another!  This forum is for sharing and responding to check-ins that I post between sessions because I like to stay connected to you throughout the process and want to know how things are going for you.

I will also use this forum to post the links to recordings, and zoom information will be stored here. 




Two Additional Calls

In addition to our group meetings, we will have two zoom calls that are for sharing and discussion.  The dates and times for these will be determined once we are underway.

I've added these calls at the request of past participants who wanted more time for general discussion and connection.





Begin your journey to higher vibrational living today!

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Ready to Join?

You can get as much out of this as you'd like.  It's my recommendation that you dive in fully and take advantage of all the sessions and recordings, as well as the additional monthly channelings that I offer for free.  If you join, please be prepared to be present for the live sessions - the group work is an important part of the experience!


What does it cost?

Your investment in yourself for this immersive experience is $397/mth, which is automatically charged on a monthly basis for three months.

Refund Policy

A full refund is available up until the first session.  After that no refunds will be given except in cases of emergency life events.

Registration closes on August 27th, join now to reserve your spot!



Group Size

This group is limited to 12 participants. Only five spaces are still available!


Meeting Dates & Times

We will meet on Zoom on Tuesdays from 7-9 pm EST

Here are the meeting dates:

August 30th
Sept. 13th and 27th
Oct. 11th and 25th
Nov. 8th


*Audio recordings of all sessions will be posted in the community forum following the call in case you miss a call or would like to listen to the meditation again.

Dates for additional zoom calls TBD

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"I feel more excited for the possibilities of change in the world, knowing so

many are reaching higher. So grateful for this group and to Paige for leading us."

"My biggest take-away is how much knowledge and possibilities are out there. How much love. And how limited my life has been up until now."

Hi, I'm Paige

I've been connecting with spirit guides since 1995, and began channeling for groups in 2019.  Many of you have experienced my monthly channeled meditations on the Insight Timer and YouTube.  I connect with various high-vibrational forms of consciousness, and find that I am often joined in channelings by Metatron, the Archangels, Isis, Seth, Kryon, Nature Spirits and the Sidhe.  

The primary focus of my channeled meditations is the frequency transmission that participants receive. It has been my pleasure to share this work with so many people around the world, as we work collectively to raise our individual vibrations and ultimately the vibration of humanity.

I look forward to working with you!

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